Elephant at Corbett Tiger Reserve

World Elephant Day – Know, Spread Awareness and Protect

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World Elephant Day, is celebrated on August 12 of every year, since 2012 all across the globe. The sole purpose of this day is to create awareness on protecting and conserving the largest land animal alive on earth. It is a day to bring attention on sharing true knowledge about – how to contribute in saving one of the magnificent creature of the earth!

Elephant with cub at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Elephant with cub at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Fact: In the year 2011, Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims along with Michael Clark of Canazwest Pictures, conceived an idea to celebrate a day for Elephants. Officially they launched the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, in Thailand on Aug 12, 2012, it is successfully supported by over 65 wildlife organization all around the world.


Tusker at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Biggest threats to Elephant:

– Ivory, an awful inhumane act is example of animal cruelty. The trade of poaching and ivory, is increasing with every new day. Every day, more than 100 elephants are get killed for it.
– One of the most common threat to the elephant is human conflict with them. Due to decrease of elephant habitats and growing human population, coming in contact with each other is highly dangerous.

Elephants Herd at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Elephants Herd at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Imagining the extinction of India’s national heritage animal, brings a raising questions in our mind – Did we do this to them?
Let’s try the very best of our effort to make sure we work towards the betterment, where their protection and conservation is concerned.

– One can always be elephant aware customer, never buying ivory or any wildlife product in that case.
– Support cause which are true in the nature to protect elephants.
– Do not encourage any organization, be it profit or nonprofit, to exploit or abuse elephants for their means.
– Talk more and more about preserving the rights of the elephant for their better life.

You can start right now, one is never too late to start working on a right cause. Celebrate World Elephant Day with pride and joy!!!

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