spotted deer herd at corbett tiger reserve

Planning a honeymoon to a hill station or a beach is passé. While the old-schoolers continue to book their honeymoon suite at a luxury resort and spa at some tourist destination, the new age couples prefer to flag off their conjugal journey at a destination as unique as a wild forest. Read on to find out how plunging into the lush green jungle and immersing in the wilderness of the forest inhabitants could prove to be the experience of a lifetime. 

1. Feel like Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden

A beautiful and secluded cottage amidst the lush green forest may sound unsafe, but it is the most romantic setup you can ask for. Firstly, it is absolutely safe and secondly, haven’t you watched the movie “The Blue Lagoon”? The feeling of being the only two people on the phase of earth is the kind of seclusion that sparks romance.

All the facilities and amenities that the guests could possibly need is provided diligently by the staff at these jungle resorts. These destinations are no less than any luxury resort in terms of hygiene and service.

2. Explore Nature’s Thrills together

Roller coaster rides at an amusement park are rather overdone. Spotting a tiger or a lion walking in its full glory on a scenic grassland or sneaking behind the tall grass waiting for its prey, could be one of the many thrilling moments you are likely to experience with your partner at a jungle.

3. Nature Brings out the Best in You

The sound of the flowing water, the noise of the falls, the music of the bugs and crickets, the flapping of the wings of birds, the roar of a lion, so on and so forth. Each and every sound that reaches your ears or everything that you touch and smell, all of it bundles together to give you an experience that heightens all your senses and leaves you wanting for more. You can just feel all the stress and tension melt away into the lushness of the forest and turn into a free flying bird. Tucked away from the city buzz, into the lap of nature, you are sure to give the best of yourself to your loved one.

4. The Perfect Romance

At the end of an amazing safari or a long trek into the forest, you get back to the cottage and light a campfire. With your heightened senses and natural instincts sharpened, the spark and romance between the couple is set to sizzle. That is a honeymoon worth living!

5. Make Memories with Selfies

Capture these magic moments in your camera against the backdrop of a leopard or a waterfall and make memories of a lifetime! Click selfies while cozying up to the nature and frame them on your walls to remind you of your adventurous spirit!


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