Here’s to all the corporates, the busy bees, the speedy minds, the practical people! Like I said no time at all, but if you spare 5 minutes to read this you just might end up liking it. Did I mention, it’s for your profit? The best part, there’s NO loss! Here are 5 good reasons for your next  board meeting in the wildnerness.

1. Do it ‘HATKE’

Instead of the monotonous board rooms of your giant glass offices or magnificent hotels, why not call for a board meeting at some wildlife destination? Now, that might just impress your colleagues and get you the deal!

2. Soothe your souls

Getting away from the hustle bustle into nature would not only relax your body but also prove to be good for your mind. Don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling more energetic than usual. The more energetic you are, the better the meeting would be.

3. Improve business relations

A trip to the wild, for a conference or board meeting will also give you ample time to get to know your colleagues and partners. More time also means you will have enough time to convince people to agree or even have a second go at it.

4. No disturbances

Here you would not have people constantly bothering you, be it media, family or other matters; no one is going to have access to you here. We assure you that it’ll be as smooth as butter. Yes, you might hear a roar but that would be all!

5. Make it count

You can also explore the wild during the trip. Maybe even meet the real boss. The jeeps instead of the luxurious cars may seem rugged but you would not forget the ride. And no traffic. The thrill and adventure are a bonus!

Aren’t these good reasons for your next board meeting to be in the wilderness?  Beyond doubt, this my friend would be your most memorable office time. The memories would be more than vivid and someday you might sit and tell your grandchildren how ‘cool’ it was!

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About Radhika Bose Roy

A student of Microbiology at Delhi University. She is an avid reader and writing is something very close to her heart. She feels her emotions are best expressed by her writing or never ending chatter. Music and Shopping make the next spot on her list of hobbies. Not forgetting the tiny organisms she is studying about at the university.