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India is a vast country with diverse Culture, Language, Food & Weather to offer. It runs from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujrat to Arunachal Pradesh. As it has multiple states which stands independent of each other, thus, there wouldn’t be any best time to visit India specifically, where one could visit the whole of the Country during a single trip. As the weather conditions also differ for places relatively. To say, December might be good to visit Rajasthan but one might not plan to visit Leh, Ladakh at that time. Similarly, some of the Northern parts like the capital city of New Delhi, is quite hot (about 35 degrees -/+) during the summers (April to June) but the same months are good to visit Dharamshala, which is also in the North. In the similar way, certain areas will go through drought and some will be badly effected by rainfall at the same time.

Thus, there is no best time to visit India as such, during one particular season, so for you as a traveler, to experience the diversified combinations of this land, we have curated different articles, which you could follow to plan out your trip to feel the beauty of India, experiencing the cultural tours, spiritual retreats, biking trips, trekking trails and wildlife. You might be planning to live through cultural and spiritual tour at once and may plan to experience the wildlife, trekking, biking during your next trip.

Do take a look below, for you to plan your much awaited vacation to India, making it easy for you!

Best time to visit India for Wildlife Tour

The tropical climate of the Indian subcontinent certainly offers a vast diversity of flora and fauna to scout; Wildnest escorts you with an expertise in wildlife getaways. You need to plan your trip to get the most out of it! Besides run-of-the-mill species, you could also scout for Wild Dogs, Indian Wild Ass at the ‘Little Rann of Kutch’ and sloth bear and Himalayan Black Bear at Leh. Read here more about the Best Time to Visit India for Wildlife.

Tigers at Pench

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Best time to visit India for Cultural Tour

Indian cultural tours at its charming best. India is a land of diverse and rich culture! A consummation of energies of more than 3000 years is churning the country today, into a bowl of political, scientific, cultural, humanistic growth; which is an invite to all the people of the world to experience the grace, compassion, struggle, hope, delight of a civilization. Read more about some of the Indian cultural tours at its charming best here


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Best time to visit India for Relaxing Spiritual Retreat

Welcome to the relaxing spiritual retreats that Incredible India has to offer. Elizabeth Gilbert took a travel across the world to mend her broken soul and spent some time in India. India has been sheltering humanity through its scientific-spiritual programs and recently UN declared June 21 as the International Yoga Day. Yoga is a science and as universal as the human breath. Best time to visit India for relaxing spiritual retreats is a compilation of the spiritual tours, India offers. Read here more about the best time to visit India for Relaxing Spiritual Retreats.

Ari Aurobindo Ashram

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Best time to visit India for Biking Trip

Apart from Cultural Tours, Spiritual Tours, Trekking and Wildlife, India has much to offer in Biking Trips. A Royal Enfield-ish trip to Ladakh could be journey of a life time, a soaring-peaceful feeling of life in it’s entirety; in fluttering moments of high speed rumbling of a motor-engine. Spiti Valley, Araku Valley are a few to name.  Read here more about the destinations and best time to visit India for Biking Trip.

Best time to visit India for Biking - Spiti Valley

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Best time to visit India for Trekking

Nothing could be more pleasing than to bid adieu to the day with India Trekking Trails. Here is the gist of best time to visit India for Trekking. Do some trekking to spice up your amour with life! Do prepare yourself fully before taking a trek trail. While going on some treks you could also be able to try other adventure sports like skiing, rafting, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and paragliding. If you are an explorer besides a traveler, offbeat destinations are for you. Read here more about the destinations and best time to visit India for Trekking Trip.

Har Ki Dun Trek

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