Tiger at Tadoba in Monsoons

In India, Monsoons may bring disappointment for wildlife lovers because many parks get closed in this season. Especially the tigers parks where roads get damaged in monsoons. But still there some parks which are partially open in this season too, although tiger sighting is not as good as in other seasons but seeing lush green forest is more than worth in itself and sighting of any mammal will give you a unique experience. Photographers can imagine the frame easily. So here is the list of best widllife places to visit in monsoon.

Note: This list is updated in 2016 and valid for 2016 monsoon season.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Best Wildlife Places to Visit in Monsoon

I would highly recommend Tadoba in monsoons, Bharat (our wildlife expert) spent 11 days in Tadoba in 2010 during monsoons and rewarded with some of the lifetime shots and experiences (view photos). Mohurli and Tadoba zones of tiger reserve are partially open in monsoons this year (2016).

Suggested Tour: Tadoba 4 Days Tour

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Best Wildlife Places to Visit in Monsoon

Elephants Herd at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Known for tigers, elephants, birds and beautiful landscapes. Corbett has lot to offer to every traveler. Two zones of Corbett known as Jhirna, Dhela and Sitanadi are open round the year. One can go for safari in these zones even in monsoons.

Suggested Tour: Corbett 3 Days Tour

Bera, Rajasthan

Best Wildlife Places to Visit in Monsoon

Many people now know about Bera, It has got its name in recent years for great leopard sightings. 99 out of 100 people who goes to Bera comes out after seeing at least one leopard (not valid for monsoons), Yes! It’s true. Bera is open round the year for safari though chances of sighting leopard in monsoons decreases comparatively.

Suggested Tour: Bera 3 Days Tour

Kanha National Park

Best Wildlife Places to Visit in Monsoon

Don’t get shocked. One of the most ideal habitat for Tigers (as metioned by George Schaller in his book), Buffer zone near Mocha Village (kisli gate side) of Kanha is open for safaris in monsoons.

Suggested Tour: Kanha 4 Days Tour

Bandhavgarh National Park

Best Wildlife Places to Visit in Monsoon

Leopard in Bandhavgarh during Monsoons (June 2011)

Bandhavgarh is always known for its good tiger sightings. Now you can experience this forest even in monsoons. Zone 4 (Pachpedi), zone 5 (Dhamokhar) and zone 6 (Manpur) are open for safaris in monsoons. Contact our experts to know more about these zones and ideal places to stay to visit these zones.

Suggested Tour: Bandhavgarh 4 Days Tour

Apart from that Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park are open round the year. Nagarhole is good for leopard sightings and will offer beautiful landscapes in monsoons while Bandipur will give you lush green wildscapes with chances of tigers sightings as well.

Here I am listing major parks and their specific zones open in monsoons this year (2016).

Park Names Open Zones
Tadoba Mohurli (partially), Tadoba (partially)
Corbett Jhirna, Dhela and Sitanadi
Kanha Buffer Zone (Near Mocha Village)
Bandhavgarh Zone 4, 5 and 6
Nagarhole All areas*
Bandipur All areas*
Bera All areas*

* some areas may get closed at anytime due to bad roads

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