Boasting up the special privilege man has got over the animals, the mighty brain, he has internalized this belief that this land belongs to him and he is the supervisor to all the forms of life. He roams wherever he wants, stays where he wishes to and kills whom he feels like eliminating. We do not appeal for a more democratic system against this conspicuous dictatorship but we would love if you could just put aside all the layers of your life and dig up a much buried truth that the two most flourishing life forms had lived and still have been living with a big and unjustified gap, in spite of the fact that both of them have been created by the same Universal Creator – God.

If our kith or kins get a scratch, we divert all are attentions towards them vomiting out all the remedies we can think of-“it must be infectious”, “you must take the tetanus injection” and this and that. But did you ever stopped and looked at an animal who certainly is not so proficient at expressing his anguish the way we humans can? Did you ever try to transgress this bridge between wild animal and social animal? Did you ever feel this way that yes they too inhabit the earth with all the equal share and rights and certainly require a harmony and support from you?

NO, a big no! And it didn’t need any thought process or time for us to guess this answer. After all why would you bother yourself to think about some petty creatures whose presence hardly affects you. Thinking over the broken relationships, share markets or latest technology devices hardly leaves you with the choice of paying any heed to them. Right ?? And this is where we fail to earn the title of man being a social animal. Had we been a true social being, we would have expanded our care and sympathy to this lot of creatures too. If we dare to take a look at the following picture we’ll realize how brutal and callous we have been to our cultural heritage.



Thus the need of the hour is to refrain ourselves from this careless attitude and to perform the share of our responsibility i.e. to preserve our wildlife. And the only way out to this is to know, to learn and to observe them. By this we do not prompt you to leave all your jobs and rush to a wildlife sanctuary and keep a conscious watch on their actions but to take out an hour or so for realizing and analyzing how worse the situations have become.

In such a socialized world as of the present scenario, blogs have come up as something revolutionary to view everything with multiple perspectives apart from your own way of perceiving this. So here is a list of some blogs from where you won’t be simply grabbing the inexplicable beauty of wildlife pictures or mugging up the facts but you’ll be able to absorb and grasp the root of the issue with all clarity and unmolded truth leaving aside the manipulating powers of brain.




These must suffice someone to begin this interaction with the incredible wildlife. We would also welcome your self-clicked pictures or any other fascinating photograph to share on this platform. Also other links to such marvellous wildlife photography blogs are most-welcomed. Sharing knowledge has always been tool to enlarge the ocean of knowledge and we too believe in the same.

After a visit to these blogs, one must be curious about some things for example how do people capture such breathtaking moments? Or probably what influences people to avoid careers like engineering, medicine or economics and take up a thing so strange like wildlife photography? Can we ever experience such adventurous trips?? What for do we need to encounter such moments or experiences? Chill….chill….Chill…., put breaks to this unleashed trail of questions and simply wonder the picturesque – the dark and dense blanket of tress, the commotion by the birds, crawling of the creepers, the scorching sun with its sunlight steering its way through the layers of woods, peeping of animals through their holes, such a scenic beauty. Does this not boost up your spirits and push you to pack your bags, land up at such a beautiful place and capture all these ethereal moments forever with you?  Surely it will.

The pristine form of nature, when juxtaposed to the fetters of mechanical life, is undoubtedly the more attractive offer. Apart from this reason that wildlife adventure trips give you a chance to encounter nature at its best, there are several more reasons which certainly can appeal to anyone to experience it at least for once. Going for a wildlife adventure trip introduces the traveller to other forms of life.

India has a wide range of biodiversity because of the variations in climate and topography of the sub-continent. India has about four hundred species of mammals and 1300 species of birds. It is the only country to have the Wild Asiatic Lion and is home to about 65% of the world’s tigers and 85 % of the world’s Asian one horned rhino. It is also home to five species of big cats, four species of wild cattle, eleven wild goat and sheep and fifteen primates. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of man to get aware of the accompanying beasts and get acquainted with their ecology and survival. Travelling to these places will let you know what kinds of climate, topography, flora or fauna they offer. Only reading geographical facts will not do as good but on experience it leaves you to adore and relate all the prevalent factors.


We know we are intrinsically trapped in the fetters of our city life; we hardly get a chance to peep into something more pure and away from the artifice. Thus going on a wildlife adventure trip is a leisurely activity with a seed of knowledge embedded into it.  Also a wildlife adventure trip enables us to break the barriers between what we call as animals and humans to develop a more harmonious society while respecting the heterogeneity that prevails. Moreover in the present era where conservation of wildlife is so much emphasized, the best way to develop it is to let anyone feel passionate about it which is possible only after observing the success and what can happen if it is not taking place.

Apart from being educated about the wildlife of a certain place, we also get familiarized with the cultures and customs of the place and natives.  We get an insight into an area largely different from ours, which in turn helps us to compare and contrast the differences.

Thus there remains no doubt about going for a wildlife adventure trip. The more you say about it is the least you can say.  Whoopi Goldberg says, “We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”  Truly, since we all are at the beginning of this adventure trip, we too would love to be guided under some connoisseur.

With the ending of this article we wish you all the luck and spirits to continue and complete this amazing journey without any hurdles. Steve Irwin says, “If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.”  And truly, we believe in the same.



About Bharat Goel

Bharat Goel, an avid traveler and wildlife photographer has more than a decade’s experience of travelling in wild throughout India. His love for the wild urged him to leave his engineering career to dedicate his life for the preservation of nature and wildlife. He constantly strives to make people aware and encourage them to appreciate and being responsible towards nature through his endeavor.