Crested Serpant Eagle at Delhi
Crested Serpant Eagle at Delhi

For some time I have been writing regarding my life with the Crested Serpent Eagle including its incredible eye sight. To keep their vision sharp they clean their eyes with the help of an inner eyelid called nictitating membrane. Not only it safeguards the eye it also keep the eye moist and free of dust and dirt. Being transparent the eagle do not loose the sight of his prey when the membrane is drawn.

Today is the last day of the Exhibition Aravalli Utsav at India habitat Centre ,New Delhi. Viewers may recall that on 10th of November (when the exhibition was at its midst ) I posted an image of Crested Serpent eagle covering one of his eye with the membrane .

I was fortunate to get another image wherein both of his eyes are covered with the membrane indicating as if the show is at its END.

I am sure this aspect of the Eagle would too be liked by you all.

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