Discover the magic of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is distinct in its own way and the magic of the Indian cuisine is popular and widely appreciated. India has many states and all stand independent of each other in terms of language, culture, clothing and yes food of course!  Discover the magic of Indian cuisine lists out some must have delicacies whilst you visit the Country, which offers much in Culture, Spirituality, Adventurous activities.

Indian delicacies are subtle in taste as they comprise of herbs and spices, namely fennel seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric etc. The spices add a distinct flavor to each delicacy.

Discover the Magic of Indian Cuisine - Indian_Spices

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The magic of Indian cuisine

A few of the cooking methods

The common ways of preparing Indian cuisine is stir frying, deep frying, low flame cooking, Tawa cooking (thick iron griddle). Temperature under which the Indian cuisine is prepared matters a lot; for instance one may not fall sick if the food is deep fried – like in case of a north Indian delicacy named as bhature but as bhaturas are mostly teamed up with chhole (white peas) which may have baking soda; it might not suit everyone – may cause gastric problems, thus it solely depends what you choose to eat and where it is prepared.

A few popular dishes

Some of the commonly known yet mouth-watering dishes from various parts of India are:- combination of Sambhar/Idli, Sambhar / Dosa –  famous delicacies from South Indian Cuisine / Dhokla from Gujrat. Rajmah, Dal Makhani, Paneer, Chhole from North Indian Cuisine, especially Punjab. Daal baati – Choorma – a scrumptious from Rajasthan. Mughlai cuisine, delicious dishes developed by the Mughals, still rules the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and a few more. It is mild to spicy and often tastes of the ground and while spices. Whilst you are in India, trying Briyani (mixed rice dish – veg / non-veg) is a must. There are many more dishes to choose from… I bet, you would relish the food! Not to forget the sweets – try out the traditional Indian sweets, namely – Rabri, Jalebi, Kulfi, Ras-Malai, Barfi, Rasgulla, Besan Laddoo, Halwa, Gulab Jamun, the list is endless…

Discover the Magic of Indian Cuisine

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Concern areas – Allergy

Many people are allergic to gluten, it is not easy to determine if the food is gluten free or not and trust me, many local vendors or low scale restaurants might not be even aware of as to what gluten is. But if you happen to visit posh restaurants then there are high chances of your query being addressed aptly.


I have seen, many travelers from Europe hesitate in consuming milk and meat products as they feel it is unsafe. The reason for this is heavy heat exposure and rupture of the cold chain, which may result in various impurities. But nevertheless, the magic of Indian cuisine extends far beyond milk and meat products.

Ease of Ordering Food

Zomato is one such website which will be an on-the-move food guide for you. It spreads the magic of Indian cuisine through their online website at a click of your mouse as well as through the app.  Zomato helps you track the Indian restaurants as per your requirements. You may visit an outlet for a meal or get it delivered at your place, from these Indian food delivery options. Various reviews and ratings are available for each one of them to help you decide precisely as to which Indian restaurant you wish to place your order with. They also have a mobile app. A few Home chefs have also started their niche kitchens as a platform to sell Indian delicacies. They have kept limited items in the menu, yet they are mouth watering and much wanted. ‘Punjabi By Taste‘ is one such home chefs setup.

I would be pleased to assist you more with any further concerns or apprehensions you have ! Please feel free to drop a comment below and will try to address the same in the best possible manner with my experience.

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