Peacock showing feathers at Delhi
Peacock showing feathers at Delhi

For sometime I was really confused whether to celebrate the 1st Day of January as the New year day or 1st day of Chaitra of the Hindu calendar.

For the last so many years we have been celebrating the 1st January as the entire world was celebrating the same. I too followed. I have found many people booking a seat in a restaurant and spending the entire evening till it is 0000 hrs and wishing people at that very moment all around and even on phone as if they have got everything what they wanted. From next day following the routine of life in a usual manner. Did anything changed in and around.

Perhaps BIG NO.

Am I observing any change in the weather or surroundings at this time (March) of the year.

As a nature lover I am getting up early in the morning for going out for a morning walk or to shoot in the nearby park in colony or in town or to a sanctuary. I hear the sound of the Asian Koel early in the morning as if waking you up and asking us to listen to the music in the nature. In the parks finding lot of leafs on the road or on the ground as if trees are going to change their old clothing’s and ready to wear new clothes. In most of the trees new leafs has started appearing and giving a pleasant look and color changing from pink to red and finally a shade of green.

The local resident birds are also in the good mood to woo the opposite partners and begin their new life . They too would like to look best in new attire on the new trees as well shrubs or dew laden grass. The entire atmosphere looks to be charged with new energy. My favourite bird also the National bird of India is in the new attire and ready to start its next inning of life.

The 1st day of Chaitra month is also the beginning of Navratras when Goddess Durga is worshipped for all the 9 days in different forms. A large Hindu population celebrates them with full enthusiasm.

This day is also celebrated as Vikram Samwat.

It is believed that Lord Brahma, the Creator, started creation of the universe from this day.

As per Hindu mythology and Calendar the season follows the sun, months follow the Moon and the days follow both the Sun and Moon.

By this time of the year the crop standing in the fields is ready to be harvested and this brings lot of happiness to the farmers. People living in various parts of the country celebrate with different names.

To me it appears that this day, the 1st Day of Chaitra month, calls for celebrations as the New Year for Indians.

Happy New year to all of you.

Image from Delhi taken in May 2017.

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