Peacock Mating at Delhi
Peacock Mating at Delhi

Every body must be wondering why from time to time I am coming out with mating of peacock and the peahen .

The reason is simple.

Inspite of so much publicity on the social media as well as in the print news I have found most of the people who observe peacock and the peahen on a daily basis in their houses, gardens , village or town still are of the view that peahen gets pregnant on having tears from the eyes of a peacock.

A village namely Morachi Chincholi ,about 60 km from Pune in Maharashtra ,known for more than 2000 peafowls and people who have love for peacock do visit this village. During my visit last month I casually asked about mating of peacock from 2 people ,one being a guide .I was surprised to know that they still have the same old belief. When I showed the mating on my mobile they said that it is a news to them as they were seeing the mating for the first time.

As the breeding season is over in Delhi one has to wait for the next season which would start from March 2018 . Till then enjoy the best ever shot from my treasure house.

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