A peacock mounting over a peahen during courtship for mating at Delhi
A peacock mounting over a peahen during courtship for mating at Delhi

I have been shooting peafowl as a family for more than a decade. However it was in 2013 I had a desire to record the mating of peacock and the peahen through my camera .

My wish got fulfilled on 23rd June 2016 when I could get a record shot of mating in the heart of Delhi. Not satisfied with the result my efforts continued and ultimately I got a presentable shot on 8th August 2016. The same was covered by Punjab Kesari of Delhi in their article on 24th September 2016 clarifying that the peahen do not get pregnant by having tears of a peacock but they do mate like other birds in the avian world.

Peacock and peahen mating at Delhi
Peacock Mating at Delhi

People are of the view that peacocks dance and mating takes place during rainy season. But this is not the reality. They start dancing from the month of February and mating do occur in the month of March. I could record one such mating in March of this year.

One may observe the chicks in the late May or early June in Delhi . Yesterday I happen to see two chicks with a peahen.

Enjoy the mating shots of peacock recorded over a period of 9 months.

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