Tigress at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Tigress at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Late night I have returned from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (in short RTR) and had one of the best time till date.We were fortunate to observe 6 tigers,3 leopards and 2 sloth bears during four game safaris.

Before I share the recent trip shots I would like to share the shots of a tigress T 30 ( known as Husanara) having 3 cubs in the Aam Chowki ,in the park ,of my last trip to RTR in March 2013.She was found dead on 21st January 2016.

Tigress with cub at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Tigress with cub at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve1
Tigress with two cubs at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Tiger cub at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

On that day the tigress came out of the woods and laid herself on the river bed. All the three siblings were together under a tree on the other side of our vehicle. The female cub came to her mother and touched her and lied behind her. Later on another female cub came and touched the mother with her tail and took her position on the river bed. Now all the 3 were on the river bed. How ever the male cub kept on sitting alone about 200 feet from the rest of the family and the mother looked at him.

This was on 10th March 2013 when Mahashivratri was being celebrated through out the country. What a great day !

I thought of sharing the tiger family images with you all.

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