Red Wattled Lapwing mating at Delhi
Red Wattled Lapwing mating at Delhi

Most of us would have listened to bird’s sound as if saying “Did you do it ” ” Did he do it ” or a continuous sound ‘tit , tit , tit, near your house or in a garden, in your locality or near a water body or in the wilderness. This sound is produced by a bird namely Red Wattled Lapwing.

I am sure you have seen it.

In true sense it appears to me as RED WATT L E D Lapwing. The bird which lights as it is vigilant and sounds when feel threatened or in danger.

No doubt the future belongs to L E D (Light Emitting Diode ) as they are very efficient source of light. Most of us have already replaced our old tube lights as well as age old bulbs by LED tube lights and bulbs as they save 75% of electricity bills.

The breeding season has just started and you may be lucky to see the mating around you in the nearby park or in the wilderness around you.

No doubt they are annoyance to wildlife photographers as they are very alert and alarms the nearby wildlife. But everyone has important role to play in the continuity of life for ecosystem functioning.

Images from Delhi in April 2015.

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