Asiatic Lion at Gir National Park
Asiatic Lion at Gir National Park

We the people of India may be taking a pride as the number of lions in our country are on the increase as the years are passing . Their population as per the latest census has gone up to more than 600 and it was merely 300 in 1994 and it was just about 20 in the beginning of the 20th Century. The conservation of Asiatic lions in our country is one of the best efforts in the world

Two Asiatic Lion at Gir National Park

Is it true of the world ?

Two thousand years ago there were a million lions in the world. Even in 1940 only about 75 years back there were about 4,50000 lions in the world. Today it is just between 20000 to 35000 lions on this planet. This caused the alarm the world over for the Natures Greatest Athlete –The LION………known for the earth shattering roar, giant paws and the most majestic mane. No doubt they are sign of power and strength.

Lioness at Gir National Park

10th August is the day when the people across the world are called upon to do a bit to save this specie from extinction. We have seen the plight of Tigers wherein 13 tiger ranging countries took a pledge at Saint Petersberg in Russia in the year 2010 to double their numbers by the year 2022.

Its protection is of paramount to the health and survival of the ecosystems. Their extinction from the earth would bring disaster as prey would not leave anything for the humans.

Lioness with cubs at Gir National park

Let us join hands to protect this specie and do what ever we can do to enhance their population.

Enjoy some images from the Jungle of Gir National Park in Gujarat taken in October 2010 and January 2014.

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