Holidays are always great fun, be it anywhere.  Who doesn’t like the bliss of relaxing and being a vagabond? But a little adventure is necessary to spice it up. And what is better than Jungle tour or Forests for adventure? Do it differently this time. Spend your vacation in the jungle instead of the routine and frequented holiday places. Here are 10 reasons why –

1. It’s far from the maddening crowd.

Yes! Finally some Quiet and Peace. No one is going to be around, except of course animals. So zero bothering and drama.Vacation in wilderness , bole toh Life Jhingalala!

2. Explore

Here’s your chance to explore yourself. Nature’s beauty has the power to change. So what do you choose to become – poet, philosopher, artist, photographer or maybe a nature lover? Believe me when i say ‘You can be anything’, even a monkey!

3. Get worked up

Savour your soul to Adventure. Indulge in activities like Trekking, River rafting, Mountaineering, Canoeing etc. Not only would it give you an adrenaline rush but also help you shed those extra kilos. Sounds like a bonus to me. Oooh lala !

4. Feast your eyes

Experience pleasure at the rare sight of  beauty at its best, natural as ever. The vibrant colours of the flora and fauna and the magnificent panorama and scenic beauty can render you speechless.

5. Family Time

It’s a great family get away. While the Elderly praise the beauty and rejoice the calm, the kids would be thrilled to see birds and animals and so many trees. Freedom and Space, what a great combination!

6. Health tip

A visit to Nature might just cure some of your ailments. The atmosphere is also said to improve stress. Fresh air and increased oxygen would make you feel more energetic and happy.

7. Meet the Real kings

This, my friend is your opportunity to meet the real kings. Be it lions, tigers, cheetahs, panthers or elephants; nobody is any less!

8. Take a Break

Work would always be there and it’s crucial to take breaks. So put that busy schedule in a locker and lock it up. Shut yourself up, away from buzzing phones and computer screens. Let your mind and body breathe. It’s time for some relaxation.

9. Lights, Camera and Capture

Bring out that budding photographer in you. Let nature gift you some great pictures and even more beautiful memories. Happy Clicking!

10. Time for some learning

No, not tables, charts, sonnets or history lessons. Take down the values and principles that nature offers. If you be dedicated, life will give you brownie points! Take a lesson or two from the animals; learn the wonderful qualities of selfless love, patience, discipline, unity.

Don’t miss out on the adventure, fun and learning.Enjoy the vacation in the wilderness. Have a shot at your very own AVATAR experience. Have a happy holiday!


About Radhika Bose Roy

A student of Microbiology at Delhi University. She is an avid reader and writing is something very close to her heart. She feels her emotions are best expressed by her writing or never ending chatter. Music and Shopping make the next spot on her list of hobbies. Not forgetting the tiny organisms she is studying about at the university.