Tiger with kill at Rajaji National Park
Tiger with kill at Rajaji National Park

I have been visiting Haridwar for more than 3 decades as a general tourist but as a nature lover for the last 8 to 9 years . Although the sighting of the elusive tiger evaded me for so many years but other sightings of King Cobra ,mating of Pied Hornbill, Crested Serpent Eagle carrying a pair of mating pair of toad and no doubt presence of elephants during the summer season made my visits not only worthwhile but a class apart.

King Cobra at Rajaji National Park
Elephant at Rajaji National Park

It is also a fact that generally people from North India visit this holy town to take a holy dip at HAR KI PAUDI to wash away the sins committed over a period of time . In case if they visit the park it is for the sheer fun and leave the park dirty .The amount of madness could be witnessed during the period of Kumbha Mela when lakhs of pilgrimage do visit this city.

In 2015 ultimately the tiger too showed his presence on 13th June 2015, just 2 days before the park gets closed for the tourist on account of rainy season. Last year Asian Paradise Flycatcher ,one of the most beautiful bird made my trip a real paradise by his acrobatics in the air.

Crested Serpant Eagle with pair of toad at Rajaji National Park
Pied Hornbill at Rajaji National Park

The year 2015 will always be etched in my brain as far as Rajaji National Park is concerned.

I am sure you would like to see the King Cobra just 200 km from Delhi and the most sought after Tiger at gates of God.

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