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Bird-watching or commonly known as birding is a process of wildlife observation, mainly of a bird present in their natural habitat, as a recreational activity using binoculars or telescope. Any bird who is captivated in a cage, doesn’t count in bird watching. Through ‘bird-watching’, one understands and learn about different types of birds and identifies as who they are and how do they live in nature.

Bird Watching Kit For Beginners

People who love nature and focus on birds prefer visiting to an open are or say jungle. It makes it much interesting to quietly observe the birds without disturbing the realm of their nature.
Do you wish to take up birding as a hobby or if you are in love with the nature. Below are some basic – Bird Watching Kit For Beginners you may start with.

Bird Book

One should at first, get a bird book for one self. The first thing that we do, when we get into a school, is get ourselves textbooks to know more about what we will learn practically. Bird book acts like a field guide, to help you know the names, and their whereabouts with lot of pictures. It also helps you get to know about their movement, lifestyle and of course the act in nature. One can start with one book at a time and gradually move ahead with different other books to learn more and know more.
We would highly recommend you Birds of Indian Subcontinent by Richard Grimmett if you are a beginner.


Binoculars Bird Watching Kit For Beginners
One of the most essential accessory and an extended pair of eyes, you will require a binoculars. Since, bird watching is fast becoming one of the most interesting hobby to lot of nature lovers, having the right kind of binoculars is absolute agenda. Use smaller and lighter pair of binocular, at the first time. It will be less hassle and easy use. If you are a keen birdwatcher, then in that case you may use bird-scope or a telescope.

Shoes and hat
Hat Bird Watching Kit For BeginnersQuechua Shoes Bird Watching Kit For Beginners


It is something you should be having it already. Since, it is more of you watching the bird and not the other way around; hence, it should not be very difficult for you to decide which hat or shoes to opt. We suggest you to wear a hat, which should not hinder your binoculars and shadow your eyes. About the shoes, best if you wear waterproof and comfortable shoes preferably boots. Check shoes here

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Birding Vest
Birding Vest Bird Watching Kit For Beginners

One should always wear a birding vest. One of the useful accessory at the time of bird-watching; it keeps all your required things at your reach.

Notebook and pen

Keep it along with you, always. It is quite helpful, to record what you see and later it encourages you to observe in a better way.

Audio recorder

It is another thing, you must keep it with you. It is an utmost required accessory. You may record the voice of all the bird that you observe. Not only will it be quite helpful later for your observation research but also brings an inner peace later to hear what you witness earlier.

Fold-able chair and an umbrella
Foldable Chair Bird Watching Kit For Beginners

You should perhaps never forget about them. To keep off the ground, a chair is must require and so is an umbrella, if in case an unexpected rain!


One should be very careful about what they choose to wear. We suggest you to wear proper clothes that are not very flashy in color and should not be uncomfortable. It is best advisable wear dark colors such as forest green. It becomes easy to blend with the color of the nature.

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If you are a photographer, then of course, you should definitely accompany your additional equipment – Camera. It’s quite challenging at times, to capture the best shot possible of the birds in their natural pose. Always carry, lens clean wipes along with you. Extra batteries, a tripod/mono-pod, memory cards should always be carried along in a waterproof bag.

Navigator Bird Watching Kit For Beginners

You must carry a navigator along with you. It helps in pointing direction, quite useful if get lost somewhere. Many a times, a navigator also has a specialty of pointing to the right direction, where you can get a better bird view. A very simple device but quite helpful.

Hide Bird Watching Kit For Beginners

Commonly known as hunting blind, hide helps you as camouflaged to observe wildlife; especially if you are looking forward to birding. It looks like a garden shed, with a window and a small opening to get in and out comfortably.

Let us know, if you feel that we have missed something here.

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