Black Kite Mating at Delhi
Black Kite Mating at Delhi

Black Kite is a medium sized Raptor. It is the most numerous species of raptor in the world. They are opportunistic hunters. I remember during childhood they used to snatch food from the my hand while on the terrace of the house. Even as a birder i have observed them picking up chicks of myna as well as making efforts to pick up young peahens.

Black Kite at Delhi

As per the study conducted by the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, among the major cities of the world New Delhi has the highest density of black kites. Ghazipur on the Delhi -UP border is known for them as the food is in plenty on account of chicken market, dumping yard and the slaughter houses.

During the winters one may often observe their mating as sound produced by the pair attracts your attraction .On may shoot them in large numbers perched them on the transmission towers/lines as well as on the trees. One of the images of black Kite shot in the morning golden hours is at the Exhibition Aravalli Utsav at India Habitat Centre , Lodhi Road ,New Delhi. The Exhibition is up to 20th November 2017.

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