Tigress Arrowhead with Cubs at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in the State of Rajasthan

In the evening of 22nd May 2019 ,i was informed by Sh Balendu Singh Ji, the owner of Dev Vilas Resort that the tigress Arrowhead which rules the area of Zone 3 and some part of Zone 4 near the Malik Lake came to the Malik lake.

While taking a round she observed caracass of a sambar deer floating in the water. She must have realised that the same was in the control of a crocodile. Hence she sat down on the bank of the water body. She also noticed the movement of the crocodile tearing the body parts of the sambhar deer. While sitting she pretended that she is just relaxing and did not show any hurry in pouncing on the carcass. A number of crocodiles came and each one of them was trying to have his pound of flesh.

After waiting for sometime she jumped and grabbed a side of the carcass and made efforts to bring it on the land. The other end was with the crocodile. She had to really make lot of efforts to free the body from the jaws of the crocodile. Ultimately she won the battle and brought it safe on the land . She was panting and rested . So next day it was expected that Arrowhead would bring its cubs to the kill for satisfying their hunger. This news spread like a wild fire.

On 23rd May morning we observed the tigress with 2 cubs at or near the kill and the entire sambar was almost eaten in a day. In between the family went to quench thirst at the lake and the cubs kept on playing and kept on moving from one place to another making it difficult for the mother to keep an eye over their activities. At the end of the day it was expected that she might leave the place at night or in the early morning.

In the morning of 24th May as soon as we reached the desired place where the family had made a temporary home for 2 days, we were lucky to see the family leaving the place. It passed through its prime area Zone 3 and the deers observed the family leaving and going to a different location. They had sigh of relief.

I am sharing one of the image which was taken in the morning of 24th May 2019.