Crow feeding plastic at Delhi1
Crow feeding plastic at Delhi

Is there anybody who is not aware of crows ?

In our childhood most of us has read the story of a thirsty crow ,how he managed to quench his thirst by putting pebbles in the pot having some water so as to raise its level.

They are considered to be among the world’s most intelligent birds They have demonstrated the ability to distinguish humans by recognizing facial features.

They are omnivorous and they can eat almost anything including other birds, fruits, snakes ,nuts ,earthworms ,frogs, eggs ,animals etc.

Crow feeding plastic at Delhi1

A few days ago I was shocked to see 3 crows feeding on plastic bag in the heart of the city. As plastic is non gradable and going to stay in the digestive system and will block it. It kills the birds by cutting their stomach or taking up space, making them feel full where as they are starving in actual.

How can we help the avian world as this earth also belongs to them ?

To start with ,should we not reduce use of disposable plastic products. Secondly let us not litter the plastic bags after their use in the public area where they are easily picked up by the birds or animals .There are many other possibilities and solutions.

Let us think of them too!

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