Educational Student Tours in India

Educational Student Tours in India

Wildnest provides nature and wildlife educational tours in India to schools and colleges students.

Why Nature and Wildlife Educational Tours?

Due to the lack of exposure at a young age to be in the wild and experience its various aspects there is a lack of understanding and awareness about nature, wildlife and its conservation among students and adults as well. Therefore it is essential to provide enough opportunities at school and College level as students are the best stakeholders in this effort, because theirs is an impressionable age wherein the lessons learnt etch deep in their personality and are nurtured for life.

Our focus is to take groups of such students who might have even a slightest inkling of interest towards wildlife, and make them undergo such an experience that they themselves feel a stronger connection with nature and carry this bond lifelong, thus transforming them into responsible human beings, people who truly appreciate the beauty and jewels that god has bestowed on our mother earth.

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There might be lot of questions arising in your mind. How exactly can we experience this? What do we do in the jungle safaris? Is it safe? How much time can we spend there etc. We have tried answering few of the queries about the jungle experience here.

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