Whether you are an avid photographer or not, our tours are definitely going to be helpful as our expert photographers that assist you throughout the tours, will guide you and provide tips on capturing the best pictures; ones that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Special sessions for photography are conducted throughout the trip and our stories and experiences will make you feel closer to the nature.

Who Can Join Us?

  • Wildnest welcomes one and all. All those interested in wildlife, nature, photography and adventure are invited to join us. You can be an individual wishing to experience the wild or be a part of a group.
  • Photography enthusiasts will benefit immensely from our sessions conducted during the trip. These sessions cover various aspects of photography and tips are given to make you a better photographer.
  • Children can benefit immensely from our tours as we also conduct specialized student group tours.

Why Wildnest?

We enhance your wildlife experience by giving as much information as possible and recognize that different people have different needs to take from his/her experiences. Their interests may range from photography, birding, animals, local flora and fauna to local customs, environment protection, maintaining ecological balance etc. Together, we try to understand that need, develop it further by giving technical knowhow, holding discussions amongst ourselves and with other experts in the field.

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Photography Tour at Le Meridien Nagpur (15 – 19, May’ 16)

Price: INR 32,000/- Per Person

Ranthambore Photography Tour (16 – 19, June’16)

Price: INR 25,700/- Per Person