Shikra Feeding Squirrel at Delhi
Shikra Feeding Squirrel at Delhi

Anybody living in the urban town can not miss the presence of predator namely SHIKRA as it is on the move from the morning in search of a prey. As they do not have natural predator they are seen hunting on squirrel in the colony parks as well in other green spaces.

In fact these days I am seeing them perching them hidden on the branches as well in the open ,looking for the target. I really take efforts to catch a squirrel as they too are very agile and anticipate the move .

Shikra chasing Grey Hornbill at Delhi

A few days back Shikra was perched on a teak tree being occupied by the family of a grey Hornbill. A chick flew to another tree. Immediately it was followed by Shikra. The parents on seeing the move of shikra followed it and showed their anger by spreading its wings and could save their offspring from death.

Enjoy the image wherein Shikra is feeding on the Squirrel on a branch of a tree.

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