tiger relaxing in water at ranthambore national park

Bharat and I, have visited Ranthambore National Park numerous times. It is one of the few parks in India, where one can often see the majestic beauty – Tigers.
Tigers of the Ranthambore National Park are quite used to the exposure of the Safari vehicles in the area.
Watch the video of T-16 (Machli) Tigress. She uses the Safari vehicles as a hide to attack a Sambar Deer for the kill. The density of the tigers in the tourism area of the park is high as compared to any other parks of India. Due to the presence of old monuments such as Ranthambore Fort and Raj Mahal, inside the forest, it provides a unique background and ambience in the National Park.

Here are some moments captured through our lenses during our trip to Ranthambore.

Machli Tigers of Ranthambore National Park

Machli (T-16) Tigress of Ranthambore

Tiger at Ranthambore National Park

Tiger under water at Ranthambore National Park

Tiger Courtship at Ranthambore National Park

Tigers during courtship at Ranthambore National Park, 2010

tiger at ranthambore national parkjeep safari at ranthambore national park

T24 Tiger Ustaad at Ranthambore

T24 “Ustaad” Tiger at Ranthambore


Wildlife Safari at Ranthambore. Know more about Ranthambore

Wildlife Safari at Ranthambore. Know more about Ranthambore

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