tiger cubs at tadoba andhari tiger reserve
tiger cubs at tadoba andhari tiger reserve

कारवाँ गुज़र गया, गुबार देखते रहे!

“Karwa Gujar Gaya Gubar Dekhte Rahe “

About 50 years back while we were on our way to attend an NCC camp at Belgaum on the border of Karnatka and Maharashtra from our school (Sainik School Balachadi, Jamnagar in the State of Gujarat) we had to stop at Pune for taking a train. As student to pass our time we went for a movie ‘KANYADAN” having Asha Parekh and Shashi Kapoor in the lead role. However the song from the movie

लिखे जो ख़त तुझे वो तेरी याद में

हजारो रंग के नजारे बन गए

सवेरा जब हुआ, तो फूल बन गए

जो रात आयी तो सितारें बन गए

लिखे जो ख़त तुझे.




still revereberates in mind of everyone irrespective of age and gender. Only a few days back I came to know that the song was written by the above famous poet and the lyricist.

tigress with cubs at tadoba andhari tiger reserve

Why so late ?

It is a fact that his first song Karwa Gujar Gaya…Gubar Dekhte Rahe came into the movie Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal in 1951. Later on with the death of famous music directors Sh Shankar Jaikishan and S D Burman when Gopal Das ‘Neeraj “was at its peak, brought depression and he left the film industry for ever. While he stayed at Mumbai he gave lovely and wonderful songs to the common man of this country such as (1) Eh Bhai jara Dekh Ke Chalo from Mera Naam Joker (2) Paise Ki Pahchan Yaha Insan Ki Kimat Koi Nahi (Movie Pahchan) (3) Jeeva Ki Bagia Mahakegi and so on.

No doubt the first song which most of us remember is…Karwa Gujar Gaya, Bahar Dekhte Rahe.

In the wild we often have these situations. What would be a better presentation of the song as depicted by two images from the heart of Central India.

Image from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve taken on 21st April 2012.

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