What to wear in India

There are many aspects to the question of what to wear in India. India is a melting pot, not just of cultures but also of distinctive types of weather. If one part of India is hitting a temperature as high as 50 degree Celsius in the month of May, the temperature in another part may drop down to -17 degree Celsius. India is home of the second coldest place on this planet, yet some parts of India remain hot and humid throughout the year. Such is the contrast of the atmospheric conditions in this country. Below are the categories that decide the appropriate clothing which should cater to your question of ‘What to wear in India’.


  • In India, it is really hot and humid for 7 out of 12 months, therefore it is recommended to pack light and cotton clothes. They should be airy and made of breathable fabric, in order to avoid perspiration and facilitate easy drying up of sweat.


what to wear in summers in India


  • In winter months – sweaters, windcheaters, cardigans, coats and jackets are advisable; complete with woolen hats, scarves, gloves and caps. Winter months, which is from November – February, tend to get quite chilly; especially in the Northern areas where temperatures drop below the 0-degree mark.


Winter clothing in India in November, December, January

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  • In monsoons, you are advised to wear inexpensive footwear like slippers or flip-flops, sandals, crocs, etc. As for your clothing, you may wear cotton clothes to make you feel comfortable in the humidity.


What to wear in India in Monsoons, Crocs, slippers

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Rural and Urban areas

The dress code to be followed should be moderately conservative. Indian households are not accustomed to skin being exposed; this holds true more so for the females since Indian society is largely a patriarchal one. However, metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc accept westernized clothing but avoid short dresses in rural cities.

Urban Clothing Urban clothing in India, What to wear in cities of India

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Rural Clothing

Rural Clothing, What to wear in villages of India

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Place of visit

  • Religious places – India is a secular nation which gives equal reverence to all the religions and religious practices. Almost all religions can be found here – 79.80% of the population is Hindu, and around 1.72% are Sikh, 14.23% Muslim and 2.30% Christian. Buddhism and Jainism also have their roots here. Whenever you’re visiting the religious places in India, (be it temples like Akshardham, Jagannath; mosques like Jama Masjid, Haji Ali, Ajmer Sharif; Gurudwaras like Golden temple, Bangla Sahib) you are advised to cover your body and head for modesty. If you don’t adhere to the conservative dress code, you might not be allowed to enter the premises.


What to wear in Indian temples, mosques, gurudwara

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  • Celebrations – One is advised to wear traditional Indian clothes to Indian weddings and similar events. If you’re attending a party, say a birthday party in the cities of the country, you may take the leverage to be ostentatious. We would, still, advise you not to wear clothes shorter than your knee length and your shoulders covered.


What to wear in India, Tourists in sarees


What to wear at indian weddings, what to wear at indian parties

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  • For jungle safari or trekking: Socks and shoes are a must. The shoes should preferably be made of a washable fabric since they would tend to get dirty during the nature walk.


Nature walk, Jungle trekking clothes

  • Sunglasses and suntan lotion is an absolute necessity, with there being an abundance of sunshine and no dearth of bright sunny areas in the country.
  • Caps and hats are recommended, in order to protect your head and face from the direct exposure to heat.
  • Handkerchiefs and Towels should also be kept. Antibacterial wipes or a hand sanitizer could also be kept to keep one’s hands clean before eating.
  • Cosmetics like moisturizer and body lotion are a necessity. An antiseptic ointment and cleanser should be kept.

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