Ranthambore School Trip - October, 2014

My third wildlife photography trip to Ranthambore after Tadoba-Andhari and Sundarbans with Wildnest was indeed a fabulous one. Travelling with Wildnest has always been a unique learning experience as every time I learn something new and different.  Constant guidance and support provided by Bharat sir and Ankit sir makes the whole journey even better.  The organisation of the trip and accommodation was as always, fantastic. Their positive approach and the desire to work with aspiring photographers and budding students shows their personal experience and expertise in this field.

Photos taken during Tadoba trip

My recent trip to Ranthambore was a charming and an amazing experience and getting the opportunity to meet Valmik Thapar Sir was the icing on the cake, who is a natural historian and foremost among tiger conservationists and to top it all, a Modernite.

Trips with Wildnest are always full of nice surprises, thrill and adventure and the sighting of a tiger with its cubs or sightings like, of a leopard cat in the Sundarbans delta makes the trip even more fruitful. I have always learned from each trip and I believe the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. My journey with nature has always been knowledgeable and this nature has taught me a lot from patience to observing the animal behaviour etc. I strongly believe that we are the ones who will have to step forward and make the change and that will make all the difference. No one else will turn up and contribute.

So overall, a big thumbs up to Wildnest! Looking forward for more in future…. Thank you!!

                                                                                                                           – Dhruv Gupta (Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi)

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A student who stumbles into another world with a camera in his hand, Dhruv is a nature and wildlife lover. Sincere, Conscientous, Meticulous, Reliable and Responsible are some of the words that describe him best.