Lesser Flameback Woodpecker Mating at Delhi
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker Mating at Delhi

One of the few woodpeckers which is seen in the urban area.

During the breeding season which generally starts from March to August one can not miss the rattling –whinnying call and the undulating flight in any of the park in the town.

Exactly 3 years ago on 9th May 2014 I was fortunate to shoot the mating of above specie in the heart of Delhi .While I was observing other birds I noticed both the male and the female landing on a branch of a fruit tree. The male came near the female and just flew and mounted over the female and picked up the neck with his beak. After a few seconds it demounted. The whole process took not more than 8 seconds.

Lesser Flame Backed Woodpecker Mating at Delhi1
Lesser Flameback Woodpecker Mating at Delhi2

When I shared this prized possession with Sh Rajesh Bedi ,the well known wildlife photographer of the country, he complimented and told me that in his career of more than 40 years he has not seen any mating shot of this specie. I think that was the best reward from nature .

I thought of sharing the same with you all.

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