Trip Name: Nature Trail at Maharashtra Nature Park

Date: 17th Jan’21

Time: 08:30 am

Duration:  3 to 4 hours

Charges: INR 450/- per person (the entry for kids under 2 years of age is free of charge)

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About Nitya Goel Aggarwal

An Interior Designer by profession, she has a creat0ive mind that works 24*7 be it in form of art, interiors or graphic. Her love for nature developed since childhood while exploring various places with her family across the country. Passionate about travelling especially wildlife, she believes in promoting eco-tourism and conservation of nature and understands the importance and need of instilling love for nature at a young age in children. Based in Mumbai, her expertise comes from her experience in nurturing her own son into a wildlife and nature lover at a young age of four. Apart from helping in planning outdoor wildlife tours, she conducts various nature related day trips in and around Mumbai.